Artist Statement


I am interested in the nature of human experience. Through abstract painting and drawing I try to convey meaning and sensation. Colour, movement and light are the key elements I work with to express both an interior and exterior world. Relationships are central to the work - relationships between things and also our relationship to the world. Notions of order versus chaos, consideration versus spontaneity, logical thought versus intuition are at the core of the thought process and are subliminally present. In this age of art as social and political commentary and of mass audience participation, the fundamental language of painting and drawing remains simply one of engagement between the artist and the viewer on an individual human level. I am interested in this one to one communication.


"Lightspill" is concerned with the nature of transience and transitory experiences. The adjective "transient" is applied to short-lived phenomena: fleeting moments, a state of impermanence, momentariness, ephemerality, instability, fugitiveness, fleetingness. Life by its nature is transient. The works are a metaphor for this state of existence in the world we live in.


Sheila Naughton 2016